Graphic Design: Web

Rhizome Productions: a cross-cultural theatre company in Vancouver, Canada
Focus - Elegant look and easy navigation (Year 2006)
Dancers' Dancing: an energetic dance company in Vancouver, Canada
Focus - emphasis on the images of dance performance and easy navigation (Year 2005)
Computational Poetics: an art research team at Simon Fraser University
Focus - Simple yet colorful look, and comprehensive navigation of dense information (Year 2005)
Rhodopsin Productions: a small Canadian company specializing in documentaries and dance films
Focus - simple and subtle look to emphasise the film images (Year 2007)
SY Photography: Self-promotional flash web site for photography
(Year 2002)
Think Pause: Flash web site for a graphic design and photography studio in Vancouver, Canada
(Year 2005)
Quantum Creative & Print: a graphic design firm in Vancouver, Canada
(Year 2005)