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About Us

Rhodopsin is the protein in the rod cells of the retina that converts light into electrochemical signals for the brain to interpret.

Rhodopsin Productions is a small Canadian production company specializing in documentaries and dance films.

Rhodopsin’s films have screened at numerous festivals, including the Locarno International, Montréal World, London International, Hamburg Kurzfilm, Valladolid International, Odense, Seattle International (Best of Fest Shorts Special Screening), Bilbao, New York Dance on Camera (2 Silver Awards), Aix, Berlin Zebra, Golden Prague (Dagmar & Vaclav Havel Prize), Dance Camera West, Toronto Moving Pictures (Audience Choice Award), Palm Springs Shorts, IDFA Market, Denver International, OxDox (Oxford, UK), Vancouver International, and San Francisco Film Arts. Broadcasters include U.S. Public Television (PBS), the CBC, ZDF (Germany), CFCF, SCN, TVE (Spain), Ovation, ARTV, Knowledge Network, and Bravo. They have screened at the Portland Art Museum's series: Icons, Rebels and Visionaries; and been purchased by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

You can contact us directly by e-mail at: rhodopsin7 (at)

Or contact us through our distributors:
Moving Images Distribution
#509-2050 Scotia Street, Vancouver BC, Canada V5T 4T1
Tel: 604-684-3014   Toll free: 800-684-3014   FAX: 604-684-7165

Web:    e-mail: mailbox (at)